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RESO Transport Workgroup

Specifications and Change Proposals

Transport Specifications

Proposals are organized into sections based on their underlying protocol, for example the RESO Web API.

Specifications are divided into modular endorsements, each of which are offered separately through RESO Certification.

RESO Endorsements use Semantic Versioning.

Please visit our discussion forum if you have any questions, or open an issue if you have a new feature request.


The following proposals use the RESO Web API as a transport mechanism.

Data Dictionary Endorsement

Status: Adopted, Current Version: 1.7

The Data Dictionary endorsement defines models for use in the RESO domain. These include Resources, Fields, Lookups, and Relationships between Resources.

Payloads Endorsement

Status: Adopted, Current Version: 1.7

Defines general payloads data availability testing rules, as well as the IDX Payload Endorsement.

Web API Core Endorsement

Status: Adopted, Current Version: 2.0.0

The Web API Core endorsement defines the primary functionality RESO Web API servers are expected to have in order to provide both replication and live query support.

Web API Add/Edit Endorsement

Status: In Review by the RESO Certification Subgroup

The Web API Add/Edit endorsement defines how to Create, Update, and Delete data in the RESO Web API.

Web API Validation Expression Endorsement

Status: In Transport Backlog

Web API Validation Expressions allow for the transport of machine-executable business rules using the RETS 019 Validation Expression grammar.

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New Change Proposals

RCP Template

If you would like to suggest a new change proposal, please use the RCP Template in this repository and fill in each section accordingly.

Submission Process

The process for submitting a new proposal is as follows:

Please contact RESO Development if you have any questions.