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RESO Transport Workgroup

RESO Transport Workgroup - Specifications and Change Proposals

RESO Endorsements

RESO Endorsements are modular specifications that are associated with a given transport protocol.


Ratified standards have been adopted by the Transport Workgroup and RESO as an organization.

Proposals that require certification must have adopted a specification, testing rules, and production-ready testing tools before being ratified.

RCP Name Version Status Status Date
RCP-036 Data Dictionary with Lookup Resource 1.7 RATIFIED Jan 2021
RCP-037 Web API Core 2.0 RATIFIED Jan 2021
RCP-038 Payloads (with IDX Payload) 1.7 RATIFIED Aug 2021


Draft specifications have been approved by the Certification Subgroup and are awaiting implementations and community review prior to Transport approval.

RCP Name Version Status Status Date
RCP-010 Web API Add/Edit 2.0.0 DRAFT Apr 2017
RCP-019 Web API Validation Expressions 2.0.0 DRAFT Apr 2018
RCP-040 Data Dictionary 2.0 DRAFT Dec 2021


In progress proposals are ones that are in review by Transport and Certification. See the RESO RCP Process and section on new change proposals.

RCP Name Version Status Status Date
RCP-022 Autofill Service 1.0.0 IN PROGRESS Apr 2019
RCP-025 Data Dictionary JSON Payloads 1.7 IN PROGRESS Apr 2019
RCP-027 EntityEvent Resource and Replication 2.0 IN PROGRESS Apr 2019
RCP-028 Push Replication with EntityEvent and Web Hooks 2.0 IN PROGRESS Feb 2020
RCP-039 Web API Core 2.1.0 IN PROGRESS Apr 2022
RCP-041 Payloads 2.0 IN PROGRESS Apr 2022

RESO Change Proposal Process

Please see the section on change proposals for an outline of the RCP process.

Create new change proposal.

Certification and RESO Analytics

More information about RESO Certification.

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